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Are You Ready to Learn More about Protecting the Network and Securing Mobile Devices?!

Security is the #1 Concern for CIO’s and IT Managers

WidePoint’s Certificate-on-Device brings higher levels of assurance to mobile devices. These digital certificates are trusted worldwide and they are available for both government and commercial use. WidePoint provides global federated validation services for all your mobile devices.


This 35 Minute session will cover Cert-of-Device topics:

  • Identifying a User/Device on the network

  • Authenticating User Apps

  • How to use Device as a Strong Identity Token

  • How to Ready Your Environment


This is an opportune time to build additional value in your client base by becoming a trusted partner for all things mobile. WidePoint and Telecom Brokers have unique and highly customizable solutions to offer to you and your clients
Review the MDM Market opportunities and how we can partner with you and your clients to address their MDM security needs.

For immediate opportunities please call:

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