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Don’t Be Silly, Be Broadsmart

Broadsmart wants to help you with an often overlooked vertical – the hospitality industry.


Don’t be intimidated by hotels. Learn to be Broadsmart and educate yourself on how they can provide you with a solution to serve your hospitality clients better and meet their various needs.

Please take some time out of your summer schedule and attend our “Strength in Business Partnerships” hosted by Broadsmart featuring Panasonic!

Covered in the 60 minute training:

  • Broadsmart/magicJack acquisition and the benefits of its new R&D group

  • Broadsmart Project Management

  • New Broadsmarter Contact Center Functionality

    • Call Center Express

    • Call Center Standard

    • Call Center Premium

  • New Broadsmart Hospitality Product

  • WAN Link Redundancy for UCaaS – Wireless Solution

  • New UCaaS products from Panasonic and the benefits of the Panasonic resource

For immediate opportunities call:


Tom Tharrington

President of Broadsmart


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