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Learn about or get a refresh on the AT&T cellular solution which is already winning nice deals and creating satisfied customers. This product is excellent for upselling existing accounts or prospecting new customers of all sizes.

Dynalink’s unique infrastructure allows them to custom tailor all their solutions for any business need. With lucrative commission percentage rates and competitive pricing on T1’s, SIP trunks, PRI’s and POTs lines, this CLEC a great fit for the SMB client.

If you haven’t worked with Dynalink, we invite you to join us now!

This 60 Minute session will include:


  • Rapidscale forecast:

    • Channel Driven – Fundamental Foundation

    • Compete with Cable – Internet over Fiber

    • Mobility – How to Sell it, How NOT to Sell it?

    • Success Stories – case studies

    • Devices % Backup solutions

  • Core Services Updated:

    • CloudServer (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS)

    • CloudRecovery (Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS)

    • CloudDesktop (Desktop as a Service – DaaS)

    • CloudMail (Hosted Exchange)

  • Qualifying Questions

  • Case Studies

  • Q & A

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