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In today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, coordinated advanced attacks can still evade discrete, best-of-breed security products, often going undetected for long periods of time. To effectively counter today’s cyber attacks, you need a truly unified and managed next-generation security solution that leverages the power of machine learning and expert human intelligence.

This 60 Minute session will include:


  • Product overview of MPLS and Voice Services from a high level, what makes us different from other providers.

  • Why Security is so important and the buzz words to help your partners present the concept to their clients

  • Why overwhelming threats will force enterprises to look to Big Data to strengthen their detection and response capabilities

  • How you can detect advanced persistent threats (APT) before they adversely impact your business

  • How companies are transforming their security posture with the combination of advanced analytics, machine learning and continuous security monitoring

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