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Meet our Exciting New Service Partner SimpleTek

Learn about SimpleTek & their TEM Solution!


Top 10 Reasons SimpleTek should be at the Forefront of a Partner’s Sales Efforts

1. Enhance your position with existing customers – (Trusted Advisor, make better recommendations)

2. Sell more to your existing customers

3. Keep the competition out of your accounts – Marketplace Exclusives

4. Get into tough accounts with approaches others don’t talk about

5. Improve your communication with your customers

6. Get notified when there is a new opportunity – Automate quote requests

7. Get help in areas where you may lack knowledge

8. Cover peak periods

9. Have smoother and more successful projects (i.e. implementations)

10. Reduce the time it takes to support the customer

Plus, they are the Price Performance LEADER in the Industry!!!

For immediate opportunities call:

Mike V. Dohack
Direct  314-882-0394 

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