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WebRTC is the LATEST Trend! Be the First to Talk About it…

OnSip’s cloud communications platform helps over 30,000 businesses market better, sell more, and improve their customer satisfaction. Giving agents an edge through advanced features such as InstaCall, empowering any business to receive video-capable calls and real-time caller information directly from their website. OnSIP can be sold alongside existing phone systems or as a complete, BYOD/BYOB phone system replacement.

Included in 1 hour Training:

  • A walkthrough of OnSIP offerings and key differentiators

  • Intuitive admin portal and hosted PBX feature set

  • WebRTC-based offerings, including “InstaCall,” recently featured in

  • Salesforce integration

  • Platform reliability and scalability

  • Unique Pay-as-You-Go pricing plans

For immediate opportunities, please call your Channel Manager:

  • Helene Kidary

  • Vice President Channel Sales, OnSIP

  • (212)933-9234

  • (917)440-4430

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