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Sourcing as a Service


Our commitment to relationships, state-of-the-art tools, breakthrough strategies and ongoing training helps us to deliver solutions that will meet or exceed all of your business requirements. We focus on helping our business and enterprise customers find the best solutions at the best prices available from our portfolio of 150 providers worldwide.

About Us

Founded in 1998, Technology Source is a full service technology distributor with a portfolio which includes Cloud, SD-WAN/MPLS, Voice, Internet, Security, Software, Applications, Computing, and other related products from over 150 global service providers.

We help companies source providers for technology services including telecom, computing, software applications, data centers, IT services and security through our portfolio over 150 service providers.   Based on your service locations and requirements we find the best options and help you to engage with the providers at the management level.  We generally are able to offer better pricing since the provider does not have to pay a direct sales rep and they save on the cost of salary, office space, benefits, etc. and simply pay us a fee to assist with account management.  This provides our clients with an extra layer of customer service and a single point of contact for all providers and all locations.  As your personal consultant we help you research, design, source and deliver multiple technology service provider options.  Best of all our services are free of charge to our clients!  Ultimately the provider that we match you with will compensate us for the referral of a qualified client. We are on your team, but not on your payroll.  Our management team has extensive experience and a collaborative attitude.   The special skills of our people have brought success across multiple verticals including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, both in enterprise environments and with SMB’s.  Our clients range in size from 5 employee companies to 5,000 employee companies. The many options for Cloud, Telecom, IT, Security and Software products give our customers a variety of options. These options, along with our    C-Level relationships and expertise, allow the flexibility needed to create custom solutions for each of our clients, delivering results financially, operationally and strategically.

Relationships       We believe the foundation of good business is having strong relationships with                                                               our customers, and our carrier partners. Open communication, mutual intention and old                                             fashioned courtesy creates an environment where everyone feels served and all needs are                                           met. It is our goal to not only meet, but to exceed expectations!

Commitment      The underlying motivation of every Technology Source employee is commitment. We are                                           committed to great service through our knowledge, relationships and integrity in how we do                                       business. 

Knowledge           The world of communications continues to expand and change at an exponential level.                                                Constant training, full engagement in new product development, active industry associations                                      and real time project experience are the basis for our extensive knowledge. Leverage our                                              knowledge to achieve your communications goals.

Responsiveness  We understand that things can happen quickly in today’s telecom and IT environment. That’s                                       why Technology Source is committed to responding quickly when you need help. Don’t wait                                       for a call back, email response or follow up…we deliver what you need when you need it and                                          we hold our carrier partners accountable to do the same.

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