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The Best PBX Phone System Service Providers For Grocery Stores And Retail Shops

A national sourcing company launches VoIP solutions for grocery stores and retail business who make announcements over phone systems. They help these stores gain the benefits of new cloud based VoIP systems without loosing simple intercom functions to make announcements or to pick up calls.

Based in California, Technology Source launches an updated portfolio of service providers for businesses looking to upgrade a Key Phone system or PBX system to a VoIP Cloud Based Phone System. The sourcing company can help grocery stores, retail shops, and other similar establishments enjoy the basic intercom and announcement functions of a traditional key phone system, with a single press of a button, while reaping the rewards, savings and reliability of a modern VoIP system.

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The newly updated feature set options represents Technology Source’s commitment to assisting their clients in finding the best technology providers to respond to their needs. Specifically, the case of phone PBX illustrates how their sourcing specialists can help streamline the purchasing process despite requirements that sales representatives from other companies may find challenging.

“I would hear from clients all the time, especially that use phone systems to make announcements, that they would like a new cloud based IP phone system but they don’t want to loose the simplicity of a traditional key system or pbx. They don’t want to have to click into a menu to find an option to make an announcement they just want to push a button and make an announcement ” said Dominic Antonini – President of Technology Source. “We recognize that some businesses think they are stuck because they still prefer the push-button simplicity of a traditional PBX phone or key system, but are also interested in gaining the cost savings, functionality, and phone apps that a VoIP setup offers.” With the help of the company’s technology advisers, such businesses can identify which service providers can deliver their desired technology solution.

Upon determining the exact requirements through a consultation, the company’s sourcing experts can start negotiating with their partner providers to offer clients the best possible rates. This means not just convenience on the businesses’ part, but also cost savings. There is no need to hire manpower to do the research, plus they may get even better pricing made possible by the company’s bulk discounts.

Also with offices in other US states and in the UK, Technology Source offers their trademark sourcing-as-a-service solution to help businesses get faster and better results with their RFPs. Free of charge, the company can present viable technology service providers within two weeks, versus old procurement methods that can take up to six months to complete.

Aside from phone PBX systems, Technology Source’s portfolio also encompasses services in the areas of cloud services, communications, cyber security, digital marketing, energy, infrastructure, internet access, IT services, mobility, and software.

Interested businesses may visit the above website to learn more.

Contact Info:

Name: Dominic Antonini

Email: Send Email

Organization: Technology Source

Address: 1551 North Tustin Avenue Suite 125, Santa Ana, California 92705, United States

Phone: +1-800-340-8115


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