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CRA Telecom

In 1999, CRA Telecom, formerly known as Cost Recovery Associates Inc., was born. The mission: to provide one complete audit for each customer’s wireless and wire-line telecommunication invoices, and to recover as much money for our clients as possible. We soon learned that the customer would benefit far more if we proactively audited monthly instead of chasing refunds years later. The customer would keep more money in its pocket, and we would have the opportunity to fix the billing issues going forward.


Along with the new auditing model, CRA expanded its suite of services, offering the following directly to U.S. business customers:

  • Provisioning & Project Management
  • MACDs
  • Optimization
  • Inventory generation
  • Repair


In 2009, CRA purchased a 6,000 square-foot building in Holyoke, Massachusetts where it resides today.


In 2010, it shifted focus to include supporting agents. This required key process changes including:

  • Email filtering
  • Data-base enhancements
  • Helpdesk software upgrades
  • Fulfillment reporting


Sweet Spots


  • Project Management
  • Adds & Deletes
  • Monthly Auditing Optimization & Inventory Generation
  • Repair Resolution
  • Admin Functions

CRA Telecom

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