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The leadership team at Ecessa has roots that run deep in the data communication industry. They know their way around a network and are quick to recognize opportunities as they develop. That’s why, nearly 20 years ago, the company began designing premises based SD-WAN solutions to give wide area networks greater reliability, bandwidth and redundancy.


But what Is SD-WAN, and who needs it?

In today’s marketplace, it depends who you talk to. There are a lot of misconceptions about SD-WAN, what it does and who it’s for. Ecessa is here to set the record straight, and give you the facts on which solution makes the most sense for your organization.


About the time Yahoo, Google and PayPal were coming online to make the Internet more useful for businesses, Ecessa was building devices to make their Internet connectivity reliable and resilient. The more businesses rely on the Internet, the more critical solutions are to keep them connected and Never DownTM.

Ecessa offers a unique crawl-walk-run approach to SD-WAN, allowing customers of all sizes and industries to adopt SD-WAN at their own pace.


Sweet Spots


  • We can be easily implemented into any Network – especially those requiring PIC, HIPAA or SOC-2 compliance like healthcare and banking/finance
  • We are carrier Agnostic – any connection type, public or private, wired or wireless
  • We work well in managed firewall scenarios
  • We have solutions that complement current MPLS networks
  • We have approaches that can handle any size customer environment
  • We have been offering premises-based resiliency to clients for 15 years
  • All customer related calls are handled in house by US based certified engineers 24/7/ 365
  • We excel at higher bandwidth opportunities


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