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Since 2004, Expereo has become the largest global internet aggregator supporting customers across 200+ countries. Expereo manages 3000+ providers globally to give our customers & partners a “one stop shop” for sourcing internet of all technologies & speeds, from broadband or dedicated internet, anywhere in the world, all in a single bill, currency, contract, & support.


Sweet Spots


  • Expereo has cover for any type of broadband or DIA internet to 200+ countries
  • Single bill, currency, contract and support for your customers across 200+ countries
  • One provider who can provide end to end internet + fully managed SDWAN to 200+ countries
  • Expereo can also provide feet on street to 200+ countries to do cabling, dmarc extension, or rack and stack for end to end and local feet on street support
  • Been expert in this space for over 13+ years


SKU: 0012

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