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We work to simplify the complex technology landscape for our customers, creating tailored, managed network solutions to drive their organizations forward. When we’re solving complicated IT challenges, our customers can operate with greater productivity and have the freedom to focus on other critical business issues.


Headquartered in Chicago, we have built a reputation for superior customer service and customized solutions. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we are self-funded, organically grown and profitable—and a trusted partner to thousands of business and service provider clients.



Through a single interconnection with Nitel at one of our 7 POPs (points of presence), carriers and service providers achieve instant national reach. Our strategically located interconnection points make it easy for carriers to take advantage of our nationwide presence, as well as a multitude of last-mile access providers.


Sweet Spots


  • We won’t compete with you – Nitel does not have a direct sales force competing for the same business you’re pursuing.
  • 100% North American Coverage
  • Instant online pricing
  • Make more – earn 50% commission on any markup over list price
  • All the support you need


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