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NuWave Communications, Inc.

NuWave Communications is a global communications service provider with a continuing mission to sustain mutually valuable relationships with our customers, employees, and communities.


We’ve built a best-in-class technology platform that spans the globe, with streamlined business processes and solid ethical standards that ensure every customer receives exactly the services that NuWave promised and the customer deserves. NuWave is committed to meet or exceed your expectations with our affordable, scalable solutions and a consistently satisfying customer experience.


When it comes to NuWave’s services, we pride ourselves on forging lasting relationships as a strategic partner based on trust that we earn. We measure our value through our customer’s eyes, and since 1998, we have connected businesses of all sizes with custom-tailored solutions.


NuWave offers a full range of voice, data and managed services solutions to meet business needs by industry and segment over a highly scalable and secure network encompassing a best-of-breed network topology. With NuWave, you can rest assured your solution is met at the crossroads where market and price leadership intersect, and with the level of customer service you deserve.


Sweet Spots


  • Reliability: 7+ years without a customer facing outage
  • Geo Redundant connection for every customer
  • 100% fault tolerant network.
  • Long Distance and Toll Free Service
  • SIP Refer processing and Geo routing
  • Microsoft Teams PSTN carrier

NuWave Communications, Inc.

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