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With corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY, OneStream Networks is purpose-built for enterprise-grade cloud-based SIP trunk, SD-WAN, hosted PBX and Contact Center services. With availability in 80+ countries, global strategic peering networks, geo-redundant POPs and multi-provider MPLS transport options, OneStream delivers unparalleled scope and reach for SIP trunking and hosted PBX/UC services.


OneStream has become the standard for enterprise customers, VARs, and agents looking to create cost-savings, consolidation, vendor reduction and simplified management for single site and multi-site, multi-national voice applications. Customers and VARs/Agents count on OneStream for certified solutions (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and others) and best-in-class performance, reliability and support.


OneStream has geo-distributed, fully meshed, high availability core data centers around the world for comprehensive localization of services in all open markets; and closed markets on a private basis.


Via numerous peering relationships and in-country licensing agreements, OneStream is able to provide true incumbent carrier PSTN replacement on a global scale. OneStream is capable of porting telephone numbers and/or providing new telephone numbers in all open markets globally, and provides in-country termination to special digits, in-country toll frees, emergency access, and caller-id for most markets, with new markets added monthly. This architecture enables OneStream to replace all open market incumbent carriers as a sole-source, fully integrated service provider.


Reliable, scalable, supportive and progressive.

BroadSoft is a leader in Class 5 IP-Telephony/CPBX technology. OneStream’s platform is fully equipped with the following:

Traditional PBX functionality (globally), Automated Attendant, In-country localization, including language display, language voicemail, etc., UC, ACD, Fully integrated desk, softphone, hand held with seamless hand off.


Sweet Spots


  • 29% – Highest Comp/Top Commission in the industry (Commission on Hosted PBX & UC/ Contact Center & SIP Trunking).
  • Sell Globally with One Provider.
  • Global Origination: Port existing numbers and/or assign new DID/DDI numbers globally.
  • Global Termination: In-country toll free and other special digit localization.
  • Global Localization: Hosted PBX end points and SIP trunks are customized to the country of deployment.
  • Meshed Data Centers for Reliability
  • Migration Strategies allow customers to migrate painlessly from TDM.
  • PRI circuits to SIP trunks or between Hosted PBX and SIP trunking as business needs evolve.
  • Disaster-Proof Design: Five high-availability, geographically redundant Super-POP data centers located in NYC, LA, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong with Sydney, Australia planned for Q4.


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