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As technology solutions are becoming more complex, enterprise companies, particularly those with locations throughout the country, are facing ever increasing demands for comprehensive and integrated strategies. For over 20 years Spectrotel has delivered the versatility of any service, any carrier, any speed, at any location in order to provide a fully customizable enterprise solution that is flexible and scalable as technologies evolve and businesses expand.

As the Network of Networks, Spectrotel provides the most optimized and tailored solution by aggregating hundreds of disparate networks, carriers, transports and equipment throughout North America to deliver ONE cohesive, affordable solution that can be viewed and managed through ONE source.


Spectrotel’s mission is to bring affordable and personalized telecommunications solutions to multi-location and Enterprise customers nationwide. We do this by sourcing best-in-class underlying transport services from high-quality network providers, including Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), Cable companies, other Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), and Metro Ethernet providers. We wrap those services with Spectrotel’s customized billing and personalize customer care to provide a “Simply Better Service.” We are committed to taking the definition of customer service to the next level while always keeping it on a personal level, and we are dedicated to taking the complexity out of the purchasing, implementation, billing and service processes.


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