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Sprint Business serves companies of all sizes including enterprise clients, medium-sized companies and small businesses. We provide wide portfolios of wireless, wireline and Internet of Things (IoT) products and services on a network that is built for business.


We have a wide range of customized wireless programs for businesses and organizations to help meet objectives for sales, customer service and connecting employees throughout their companies.


We are No. 7 in the world in terms of Our Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, which include sensors and modules on our network that connect cities, companies and individuals to each other and the many things that make people’s lives more convenient, more efficient and more dynamic.


Our wireline services help globalize even the smallest companies so they can open their doors online to people on the other side of the world and expand their markets exponentially.


Sprint Business provides competitive, customized pricing to our enterprise and medium-sized customers based on their length of contract and volume of products and services used. Small business also may receive customized pricing or may take advantage of some plans and promotions tailored just for businesses of their size.


Sweet Spots


  • High name recognition among Enterprise customers
  • Ability to offer a broad range of products, including wireless
  • Good agent support structure for larger deals


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