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About Company

An enterprise cloud messaging solution, backed by Retarus’ Global Delivery Network 

Email, Fax, SMS, and EDI are considered to be the channels for mission-critical business communication. The exchange of information must not only rely on state-of-the-art technology, but it must also be able to continuously fulfill greater requirements in terms of security, compliance, and profitability. It takes a lot of experience to steer information flows at this level. And companies also need a global infrastructure with highly available data centers, state-of-the-art technologies, and innovative cloud messaging services. In short, an international turnstile for information flows. This is what Retarus offers via its Global Delivery Network.

A global service provider of enterprise messaging, Retarus is committed to providing the strengths of compliance and security in a highly standardized technology with increased efficiency. Retarus specializes in the transmission of critical messages via fax, transactional email and SMS and bundles electronic communications processes, resulting in the consolidation of IT landscapes, lower costs and complete control of processes. Retarus steers the flow of information for enterprise organizations throughout the world with the goal of successful digitization, increased customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. Retarus continues to integrate new technologies, automate existing processes, and develop innovative business models all while making communication the focus whether that be with customers, employees, or business partners.  

Benefits of Retarus Cloud Services 

  • Global Presence: 6 global Retarus data centers

  • Business Continuity: Retarus’ data centers fulfill the most stringent requirements for data protection and data security

  • Auditable: Retarus allows auditors access to the data centers in person and gives them the necessary insight into relevant processes

  • Higher Throughput: Dynamic routing between carriers

  • Security: Enterprise-grade security features and functionalities

  • Integrations: Native integrations into email clients (Exchange, Office 365, Notes, etc.) and applications (SAP-certified); Easy-to-integrate APIs

  • Innovation: Ongoing in-house development

  • Reporting and Monitoring: Web-based centralized portal enabling transparency

  • Cost Assignment/Control: Platform allows cost center assignment, facilitating internal charge-back costs

Sweet Spots

  •  Key player amongst the Fortune 500 

  • Healthcare/ Finance/ Insurance vertical expert

  • Fax Server replacement 

  • SAP, Microsoft and other native integrations

  • Digital transformation

  • Comprehensive compliance and high security standard


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