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Joyce Kilpatrick

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About Company

The world’s only automated system that uses Telecom Expense Management software to audit your entire company’s telecom services, including technology, mobile, data and cloud services to pinpoint EXACTLY how to save thousands each month. While ensuring you have the correct plans, are not paying for unused lines, are being billed correctly. With Enterprise level expense management virtually eliminating the time and hassles of invoice processing.  PLUS, with integration of complete inventories, vendor details, contracts and automation of ordering and projects keeping organized and in control is fast and simple. With SimpleTek Telecom Expense Management and communication management is simple and hassle free.

Sweet Spots

  • Our extremely detailed onboarding process that includes a 7-Step Inventory and Audit

  • The depth of services details contained in the software

  • The ease of use

  • The simple meaningful reporting

  • Our mobile expertise, both the SimpleTek software and our support services

  • Our Vendor administration which includes superior contract management


SimpleTek has been servicing customers since 1989 (29 years).

Same company that designed and implemented the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for the US Government.

Has managed over $70 million in monthly billing for businesses globally and have successfully negotiated Credits of over 45 million for billing errors.

100% of customers have realized a net cost savings—even when factoring in the cost for SimpleTek.


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