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Treasure Data solves the personnel gap and the technology nightmare of capturing, storing and analyzing large volumes of data. Treasure Data’s fully managed data pipelines, enable companies to obtain raw data and converting it into business insights useful for decision-making by users, particularly your customers.

Why is this so important today? Imagine understanding your buyers so well, it would create better products and greater customer experiences. Allow your clients to compete in this data driven world and thrive. Your customers want this technology and you can be the first in the channel to provide it!

This 60 minute training will include:

  • How Treasure Data has enabled big data adoption and generated value for leading companies such as:


    • Warner Brothers Games

    • Pioneer

    • Grindr

  • Also covered:

    • Impact of Disruptive Technology

    • Verticals & Case Studies

    • What are the challenges?

  • How we can drive success partnering with Treasure Data + Telecom Brokers

For immediate opportunities, please call our channel manager below:

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