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About Company

We want to partner with the best trained and most experienced telecom professionals in the business. If you are a Master Agent with a significant base and have to use multiple carriers and technologies to meet your clients’ needs, TeligentIP can help. By offering a broad range of products you can increase your win rate and lower your support and management costs by partnering with us. TeligentIP offers a comprehensive product portfolio that meets even your most demanding business prospects needs.

Our size allows us to have top-level commissions and offer a global footprint, which gives you the flexibility that you need for your customers, wherever they may be. Our back-office staff is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals who ensure your customers are well taken care of. Additionally, our Agent Partners receive ongoing support from experienced Agent Managers who understand the Agent business model. With TeligentIP, offer more than just a product, offer ongoing world-class service.

Teligent is a world-class cloud communications, call center solutions, and interactive messaging platform provider.

Our innovative webChat and SMS services will redefine the way you communicate with your clients. Teligent has customer’s utilizing our services throughout the US and worldwide. We offer flexibility to scale to the specific needs of our customers.

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