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Join Widepoint Training, hosted by Telecom Brokers, and hear about a cyber-security plan for your customers.

How many more Targets, Home Depots and Sony’s will it take before your clients wake up and realize the absolute imperative for a Cyber Security plan for their respective organizations.



  • The average cost of a data breach in 2013 was $3.5 million, 15 percent higher than the previous year.

  • Are hybrid networks becoming the de facto standard?

  • Hacking costs the overall U.S. economy as much as $100 billion and 500,000 jobs each year.

  • By 2017, nearly $50 billion will be spent on security solutions, from antivirus software and network security to mobile and cloud security.


This 40 Minute session will include:


  • Cyber Security effect on the Marke

  • How to Sell Security – Examples

  • Security for Corporate Applications

  • MDM software deployment

  • Commissions Incentives

  • Case Studies

For immediate opportunities call:

  • Ken VanDerHorst

  • Senior Vice President Commercial Group

  • Office: 818 657 8233

  • Mobile: 818 572 3729

  • Email:

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