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Crown Castle

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About Company

With $5.8 billion in revenue, traded on the NYSE and strong presence in the LA, South Florida and Northeast markets, Crown Castle is an excellent provider for Ethernet, dark fiber, transport and colocation. They recently acquired FPL Fibernet, Sunesys, Wilcon, and LIghtower for a combined company that dominates their niche. Crown Castle Fiber is a nimble, customer focused company with the benefit of a private Fiber optic network that delivers connectivity – securely, reliably, diversely and with the ability to scale without constraints.

Sweet Spots

  • 80,000 miles of fiber with high concentration in the Northeast, South Florida and the LA area

  • 900+ connected data centers

  • Dark fiber, transport, co-location

  • Knowledgeable, customer-centric support


Escalation List

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