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Use broadband internet service to support cloud applications and internet connectivity at locations that may not have access to affordable fiber.


Today’s businesses often require a mix of connectivity to support all of their branch offices and locations, which each have specific data and cloud applications needs and requirements. Cable access is an important piece of our communications portfolio, which allows businesses to take a flexible approach to network design, with network services options across cable, lit fiber, dark fiber, copper, wireless or a mix. With multiple options at their fingertips (all consolidated on one bill), businesses can achieve consistent quality, scalability and economics across their footprint.


Cable business packages are typically tailored for a business’s needs and growth, with a choice of different levels of speed, depending on the number of users and devices present within a given location as well as how a business intends to use the bandwidth.



These broadband connections offer an affordable, solid alternative to fiber, and can be bundled into a broader network solution to fit a business’ unique bandwidth requirements.

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