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Caller ID Revenue Share for Call Centers and Dialers

Caller ID Revenue Share for Call Centers and Dialers allows real-time control of Caller ID via a web portal, plus money back for companies with high-volume outbound calling and an IVR for return calls.


Technology Source offers Caller ID Revenue share for call centers and diallers that allows you to customize the ID that’s shown, on the fly, via a simple web portal—all while earning extra revenue.
We pay you money on a revenue-share basis: Each time you place a call to a phone in the U.S. that displays a Caller ID, the terminating phone company pays the originator of the call a “dip fee” for performing a look-up in a database that holds those Caller ID names and numbers. We share a portion of our dip fees with you, for every call that originates from a phone number that has been assigned to your company. For those with high call volumes, this can be worth thousands in additional revenue monthly.


You’re able to customize your outbound Caller ID on the fly, so that you can put in the name of the company you are calling on behalf of, per project. Meanwhile, rebate checks help offset your telecom spend. We can provide an IVR to help automate the handling of call backs and removal requests.

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