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Hosted Contact Center / CCaaS

Hosted inbound and outbound contact center solutions from multiple providers.


Today’s contact centers are the lifeblood of organizations: They’re key to customer satisfaction and retention, and play a big role in driving additional revenue. Technology Source offers a range of Hosted Contact Center / CCaaS solutions for businesses of every size, and can help you design and deploy the solution that’s right for you. Cue as many inbound calls as you want, and auto-dial those outbound calls. Plus, skills-based routing allows reps to work from home or from any location in the world. We’ll also help you select advanced features that allow companies to streamline their operations, boost employee satisfaction, sync website inputs, and analyze productivity and staffing levels—all for one low, predictable monthly cost.


Get all of Hosted Contact Center / CCaaS’ features you want with seamless scalability, without having to buy an expensive phone system. Options are also available to turn the call center environment into a path to improve efficiencies and job satisfaction.

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