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Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave connects your office to the internet using microwave technology, at speeds from 10 Megs to 1 Gig per second. Quick Installation as fast as 1 week.


Whether you’re a medium-sized business or a larger enterprise organization, having a safe and reliable business internet connection is just as important as having a working phone system. To ensure peace of mind, Telecom Brokers offers Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave for companies needing quick installation times, true path diversity or redundancy from primary connections. Fixed wireless internet is quick and easy to deploy, since it doesn’t rely on land line cabling, and provides a cost-effective connectivity alternative with dedicated bandwidth and a seamless Ethernet handoff.



This is a cost-effective option as a primary internet connection, or for use as a redundant failover connection. We offer quick installation and scalability, with no buildout costs and contract terms as short as six months.

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