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Conferencing – Desktop

Use the intuitive collaboration features in today’s desktop conferencing, like screen-sharing, whiteboarding, polling and more—to supercharge the value of virtual meetings.


Desktop conferencing—also known as web conferencing—allows employees, partners and customers to share information intuitively and freely over the internet. Like our audio conferencing portfolio, desktop conferencing requires no expertise or special equipment, and participants can connect from wherever they are, and on any device, using an intuitive interface. Desktop conferencing adds a slew of productivity-enhancing features, like the ability to give a presentation or show a video; screen-sharing for offering software demos and showing documents; whiteboarding; chat, polling and Q&A features; and the ability to record events. It also saves time and money by replacing company travel.


Whether it’s shorter and more productive meetings, giving a webinar or broadcasting a company update from the C-suite, desktop conferencing supports a range of use cases that enhance mission-critical business objectives.

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