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Least Cost Routing for Carriers and Call Centers

Save hundreds or thousands of dollars per month by implementing LCR, which always finds the least expensive path for carrying phone calls.


Least Cost Routing, or LCR, is an offshoot of carrier cost optimization. Our LCR routers find the most inexpensive way to route phone calls from point A to point B, seamlessly, by dynamically choosing the most cost-effective carrier for call termination in real time. Technology Source can recommend the best options for LCR optimizers, which can also select and direct the path of outbound and inbound communications traffic with an eye to call quality requirements. Overall, our LCR options provide real-time cost savings on every call—and that really adds up for high-volume environments, such as call centers.


LCR can save thousands in long-distance calling costs and should be a must for high-volume environments.

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