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Local Service – Integrated, PRI, T1, Dynamic

Connect your business to the outside world with the right digital local phone circuits to meet your needs.


Businesses have a choice when it comes to the local phone provider that connects the office phone system with the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Options for communicating with customers, partners and remote employees include digital circuit-switched lines, like PRIs provisioned over T1 connections. Going digital means you can provision advanced features, like data services, without converting to a full IP-based or cloud system.

Technology Source has extensive relationships with local carriers nationwide, which means that we can help you sort through your options and find the best deals for the right features for your local calling needs. For multilocation businesses and those with redundancy requirements, we can design a solution that uses multiple providers and access methods, all on one cohesive bill.



Technology Source offers unbiased consulting on your local phone digital service options, with an eye to the features and capacity that best suit your specific business needs.

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