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Add secure reliability to your international footprint by choosing MPLS for global WAN connectivity.


MPLS allows mission-critical IP traffic to run securely within a VPN environment, with the highest reliability for connecting enterprises’ complex and distributed networks of employees, customers and partners—including globally. With MPLS, businesses with an international footprint can take advantage of benefits like stringent SLAs, and the ability to prioritize traffic to ensure consistent performance, even in far-flung regions around the globe.

Depending on the specific enterprise’s footprint, it’s likely that MPLS can be provisioned globally on a single carrier. Fortunately, Technology Source offers a range of international MPLS options, with multiple partnerships in place; we can design a network that leverages the right carrier for your needs in a given region, based on pricing and features. We then consolidate billing across providers on a single invoice, to streamline account management and eliminate administrative headaches.



Technology Source can offer unbiased network design for implementing MPLS across a global footprint—while streamlining invoicing and management across providers.

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