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POTS Consolidation

Businesses can save hundreds or thousands of dollars per month by consolidating traditional phone lines onto one bill, even if they’re from different carriers.


Despite all of the talk of moving everything to VoIP and IP, many businesses still run on plain old telephone service. Sometimes businesses are locked in by contract, and some simply like the familiarity of analog. Whatever the reason, different carriers may serve different offices for multilocation enterprises, and even for smaller companies, the footprints may be redundant or overprovisioned. Technology Source allows businesses to gain control over their POTS collection by aggregating those lines onto one, easy-to-manage bill to eliminate operational headaches. This also allows visibility into what’s being used and paid for, for better telecom expense management. Also, rather than dealing with multiple phone companies when adding, moving or changing a phone line (not to mention dealing with all of the separate account numbers and authorizations required), Technology Source can offer companies a single point of contact for everything POTS-related.


Technology Source can take over management of a company’s business phone lines in all areas of the country, bill them on one statement and provide a single point of contact – all at discounted rates.

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