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Organizations can manage fixed-line voice, data and wireless expenses from a single cloud platform.


Technology Source offers a variety of SD-WAN offerings from multiple providers, along with expertise in choosing which service is right for a specific business and tailoring it to serve an organization’s needs.


SD-WAN opens the door to affordable intelligent networking: An optimized WAN that cuts costs while improving application performance. Companies can also reduce their reliance on expensive MPLS connections, replacing them with affordable broadband connections or even wireless; enterprises can “mix and match” the types of connectivity and the carriers that are delivering it, allowing for much greater flexibility. From there, partners can have a Layer 7 conversation with customers about performance-based routing; SD-WAN enables mission-critical services—like UC or key cloud services—to take priority over less important traffic, boosting quality, even over broadband.



SD-WAN reduces MPLS reliance and provides software-controlled routing of WAN traffic, so businesses gain centralized visibility and management across locations. For cloud services, SD-WAN’s management capabilities allows performance management and QoS, even on broadband connections.

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