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With cybersecurity and data protection top-of-mind, security as-a-service offers businesses a path to protecting themselves even if they lack in-house expertise.


Cyberattacks continue to a top concern for businesses of all sizes—especially those that are taking advantage of various technologies like cloud computing, internet of things (IoT) and mobility. In this fast-changing technical landscape, IT teams have to worry about securing their data both on-premises and in the cloud, and most businesses need to secure many different arenas, including mobile devices, network gear, cloud applications, devices, customer data and more.

All too often, businesses lack the in-house expertise to adequately achieve security in-depth, and find themselves struggling to keep up with the volume of threats. Technology Source offers unbiased counseling on security as-a-service, which offers a cost-effective, managed option for protecting data and defending against malware, ransomware and hacking.



Businesses can turn to security as-a-service to cost-effectively protect themselves from cyber-threats that impact their brand identity, customer loyalty, bottom line and future viability.

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