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SIP Trunks – Local Service and DIDs

Make the most of your budget and bandwidth by combining local voice and data on a single IP connection.


SIP trunking replaces circuit-switched local phone options like T1 lines with an IP-based connection provisioned over broadband. SIP offers a range of benefits, like flexible bandwidth usage—businesses are no longer restricted to a fixed number of calling channels. Companies can also run both data and VoIP traffic on the same connection for major cost-savings—eliminating multiple and under-utilized T1s alone can be game-changing, and moving to IP voice means unlimited local calling. SIP trunks also have ability to support advance IP calling features found in hosted PBXs and unified communications suites. Technology Source offers a range of SIP trunking options, and can help you, without bias, navigate which best can meet your specific business needs.



Business can gain flexibility and save on telecom costs by implementing SIP trunks for local phone and data service.

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