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SIP Trunks – Long Distance

Combine your voice and data traffic, and connect to the world over a broadband connection.


Businesses can vastly reduce the amount they spend on long-distance calling by implementing voice over IP (VoIP) on SIP trunks, which can support both voice and data traffic on the same broadband connection. In addition to the automatic savings that switching to VoIP will provide, business can also purchase only the number of SIP trunks they need—based on the number of concurrent calls needed to support at peak calling times. Unlike circuit-switched options, there’s no over-provisioning and paying for capacity that’s never used.

Technology Source offers a range of SIP trunking options, and can help you, without bias, navigate which best can meet your specific business needs.



Businesses significantly reduce their long-distance calling costs by implementing IP voice over SIP trunks for long-distance phone service.

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