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Move your business-critical applications into a hosted, cloud-based environment, to reduce capex and maintenance, gain agility and be more productive.


Software as-a-service, or SaaS, allows businesses to move their business-critical applications into a hosted, cloud-based environment. Everything from VoIP and customer relationship management (CRM) apps to inventory and fleet-tracking software is moving to the cloud, offering a new billing model and greater agility for businesses.

Organizations can eliminate on-premise software installations in favor of pay-as-you-go access to that same software via a connection to the cloud. The result is lowered capex and maintenance costs (no servers to own or maintain) and greater flexibility for accessing the tools employees rely on to do their jobs. With anytime, anywhere access via the internet, across any screen, businesses can allow greater flexibility and agility, and enable mobile workers to be more productive.

At Technology Source, we can help you map out a path to moving to a SaaS environment, including discussing specific applications and the connectivity needed to support them adequately in a cloud-delivered model.



Businesses significantly streamline their operations while becoming more productive by moving to SaaS.

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