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Wholesale Voice Services to Carriers

Carriers, service providers and resellers can offer high-quality voice and VoIP services across a broad geographic footprint, all with streamlined billing.


For carriers, service providers and resellers, Technology Source has a full suite of secure, competitive voice services that help streamline operations and management, with cost-effective options for consistent, reliable POTS and VoIP.

For end users, voice is critical to growing their businesses, especially if they have a customer service organization or call center. Being able to offer quality voice and VoIP services across a broad geographic footprint can be a significant differentiator for providers of all stripes. Choose from inbound and outbound calling features, toll-free call routing and more, all with excellent call performance. Customers also can consolidate all of their voice network needs on a single invoice, with volume discounts.



Technology Source’ cost-effective portfolio of wholesale voice options offers carriers, service providers and resellers a path to optimized operations and billing, with reliable, high call-quality options for POTS and VoIP.

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