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Provide primary connectivity in hard-to-reach locations, or redundant connectivity for disaster recovery throughout your footprint.


Wireless internet service, which relies on fixed access points that connect businesses to the outside world via 4G or unlicensed spectrum, offers a connectivity option for rural and underserved locations that don’t have access to fiber or business-grade DSL connections. It’s also a great option for those businesses in office parks and multi-use complexes that haven’t yet been served by more traditional local providers; and is an inexpensive and indispensable tool to have in place for redundancy, to automatically keep businesses up and running in the event of an outage.

In the latter case, traffic is simply and seamlessly rerouted to a wireless failover circuit, with minimal interruption and no technical ability requirements from staff—a key feature. With so many critical applications and cloud services relying on an internet connection, companies can’t afford any downtime.

Technology Source provides trusted advice on how to implement wireless connectivity as a standalone connection, as part of a broader mix of technologies across multiple locations, or as a redundancy tool.



Businesses in underserved locations or needing redundancy can implement primary or backup internet access via a wireless connection.

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